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Sleek and Modern Design Cold Plunge Tank for Cold Water Immersion

Renu Therapy's ice bath tubs are 100% hand-made in the United States. They also come with the best warranty and have 100% customer satisfaction!
You won't need to prepare a cold tub by loading your bathtub with ice from an ice machine. You don't even have to think of ways to DIY your CWI. Renu Therapy's ice bath tubs come in just the right size so you feel comfortable taking an ice bath.

Various research tells us that ice therapy or cold baths, otherwise known as cold water immersion therapy, help with a wide array of concerns from muscle recovery and reduced inflammation to improved mood and heightened discipline, especially for athletic recovery.

For those who know the power of an ice bathtub, the problem has always been, "How can I get my daily cold bath conveniently and safely without breaking the bank? The RENU Cold Tank was designed to be Cold, Clean, and ready for you every time. Cryotherapy is such an expensive hassle that most people are not consistent with it during the week, and end up spending money without receiving any benefits. Getting ice is also a hassle that can be difficult to stay consistent with and requires tons of work and additional expenses. Although the DIY cold bath is at home, it is so unsafe and dirty that it should not be an option.  Finding a clean, safe, and convenient method to cold plunge will help you experience these benefits. No excuses, just jump in when you wake up and Charge your day, every day!

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