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Slick Rock Concrete Fire Features Maintenance and Care

Placement and Handling

  • Slick Rock Concrete have taken steps to lessen the weight of our products through sophisticated product and concrete mix design. Still, the majority these products are extremely heavy. Take great care in transporting and moving these items. Proper equipment, processes and procedures must be taken to lessen the risk of personal or product injury. The use of forklifts, straps, pallet jacks and the like should be incorporated into the products final placement.
  • Concrete items can be fragile and subject to damage due to improper handling. Do not set the product down abruptly of with force. EXTREME care should be taken in gentle product placement. Ignoring this will likely lead to cracking and stress fractures.
  • It is not recommended that you make any alteration to our products including drilling for drainage or anchoring.

Surface Care

  • Pressure washers, harsh chemicals and other mechanical means should not be used to clean or care for your product as they will damage the finish and concrete surface.
  • Chemical cleaners should never be used on a concrete surface as they can damage or remove the sealer. Riverbed Concrete’s General Cleaner is recommended for use when cleaning the surface. The development of a patina should be expected. This patina, created by everyday use, is a desirable attribute to our products. The patina will create a richer, more interesting visual surface.

Fire-bowls / Tables

  • Your Slick Rock Inc. fire-bowl is cast in high performance concrete that is naturally durable. The following guidelines will help to ensure that your fire-bowl provides you with years of enjoyment.
  • Fire-bowl products must conform to the information provided above in addition to the following.
  • Fire-bowl products are shipped un-assembled. It is
    the purchasers sole responsibility to ensure the safe assembly, placement and operation of the
    final assembled unit. All of which should be done by a licensed professional.
  •  Wet lava rock may pop and fly out of the fire bowl when heated. Use care when lighting the fire bowl for the first time or when re-lighting after rain.
  • Always comply with required minimum clearances to combustibles.  Always maintain safe distance from fire
  • Always supervise children around fire
  • Never leave fire unattended
  • Always allow ample cooling time after shut-off, before touching or covering
  • Always keep the flame height at a low - moderate level. Low = 6-8”, Moderate = 8-12”


  • Wooden fire-bowl covers should be cared for with traditional wood care practices. We suggest the use of a wood specific exterior grade oil to protect and rejuvenate the “look” of your wood insert.
  • Glass aggregate, decorative aggregate/stones and lava rock should be kept clean and replenished as necessary. Maintaining an adequate level of aggregates as indicated by the fire element manufacture is required to ensure the safety and proper performance of the burner element. It is important that all the lava rock or base aggregate that is included with your order be used properly around the fire element.
  • If purchased and lifting strap/band was sent with your item. These lifting bands are made for one time use to aid in product placement. Please use caution and operate with a full understanding of the risks associated with using such items. If lifting overhead ensure all areas below are free from persons and/or traffic.

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