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Brick Pizza Oven or Stainless Steel pizza oven banner

Brick Pizza Oven or Stainless Steel pizza oven

Brick Pizza Ovens or Stainless Steel pizza ovens

Pizza is universally known to be a diverse cuisine that varies from Milan to New York. This is because it has a great variety based on ingredients as well as the way it is baked or cooked. A significant factor in the cooking is the oven in which it is made. Some like the thin crust pizza made in a brick oven which is preferably wood fired oven whereas some like it the modern way made in a metallic oven. Both these ovens are now available for your home (or backyard) at My Backyard Zone so that you can make, experiment and enjoy each kind of pizza at home. Let us look at the reasons or comparisons (apart from the basic theme of pizza) that dictate which kind of oven you should get for your home.

Heat Retention

Brick Oven

If you want an extremely crispy taste then a brick oven is ideal for you. This is because bricks retain heat at high temperatures with relative ease and allows slow heat transfer to the pizza from the brick wall like the Forno Piombo Forno Casa 90 Pizza Brick Oven.

Metallic Oven

However, the temperature rise in the metallic oven is drastic and reaches the maximum temperature with ease. This is why pizzas cooked in metallic (or steel) ovens take less time. These are usualy gas-fired ovens like the Pro Forno Pizzi Wood Fired Pizza Oven and allow for various temperature ranges based on the kind of pizza you like to make.


Brick Oven

The dense brick construction absorbs heat effectively and radiates it evenly, creating a consistent cooking environment. Due to this, the oven's performance guarantees a subtle variation in flavor, a distinct smoky taste found only in wood fired brick pizza ovens. The high temperature creates flavors you won't be able to achieve by slow cooking.

Metallic Oven

If the same recipe is used, the taste of every pizza in a metallic oven is more or less the same. However, it is essential to monitor the cooking process closely in an oven like Chicago Brick Oven 750 Hybrid to prevent burning the crust or unevenly cooking the toppings due to the rapid heat transfer of metal ovens.


Brick Oven

Brick Ovens like the Chicago Brick Oven 750 DIY Kit - Wood Fired Pizza Oven are usually fixed in the backyard and are not portable. Therefore, the score is low on portability. Some of the models do provide portability option but they are much better utilized fixed in one large space.

Metallic Oven

However, metallic ovens on the other hand are highly portable like the one that can be towed called Chicago Brick Oven 750 Tailgater. Therefore, it is a clear winner when it comes to versatility and portability.


Brick Oven

Since they are made of reinforced or used bricks, they last a lifetime. Although, the downside is that they are difficult to clean. This essentially means that brick ovens have a longer life than the metallic ones.

Metallic Oven

However, metallic ovens have a limited lifespan but are easy to clean, use, maintain, and keep around the kitchen, a commodity the brick oven doesn't have. However, metallic ovens might not last a life time like the brick ovens.

Final Verdict

If you put the taste of a specific kind of oven aside, you should look out for Heat retention, Performance, Versatility, and Longevity while deciding between a brick or metallic Pizza Oven. It is a purely personal choice that can be tilted with the above-mentioned factors but a heart wants what a heart wants. However, it can easily be said that no homemade pizza is bad pizza once you get the ingredients and temperature right (which is done by both types).

We have put together a list of Best Pizza Ovens 2023, and feel free to go over all the Pizza Ovens we have available for you in the All Pizza Ovens Collection.







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