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animated chef with pizza on peel between 2 pizza ovens_Door Open or Closed blog post

Pizza Oven Door Open or Closed

Should the Pizza Oven Door remain open or closed while cooking

animated chef with pizza on peel between 2 pizza ovens

A widespread question on all food forums by pizza lovers (and makers) is the status of the oven door while cooking a pizza. This is a complex yes or no question, as the answer depends upon many factors, we will discuss. It might help you understand the door open or close philosophy while making the pizza of your choice in a pizza oven from My Backyard Zone.

Temperature Control And Heat Preservation

When determining whether to leave the pizza oven door open or closed, a key factor is how well the oven can hold onto heat. The oven can effectively retain heat by shutting the door, leading to a steady and reliable cooking atmosphere. So when starting the fire and heating up the oven, it is best to keep the door closed, till it reaches the desired temperature. This aspect becomes particularly crucial when using a wood-fired range like Pro Forno Tonío Portable Wood Fired Brick Pizza Oven, ensuring the temperature remains high, resulting in optimal outcomes. Conversely, if the door is left open, heat may escape, causing temperature fluctuations that can impact the cooking duration and uniformity of the pizza.

Crust And Topping Browning

Another aspect of the door open or closed philosophy is the outcome of the crust and topping browning. A hybrid door method can help attain a soft core and crisp pizza outer. This is done by keeping the door for the initial phase, giving the pizza a well-cooked base. Once the crust is cooked correctly, opening the door will make the topping beautiful golden-brown color. This technique is commonly used in wood-fired ovens like the Ñuke Outdoor Wood-Burning Pizza Oven to achieve the perfect balance of texture and flavor.

Humidity Management

Another factor assisting you in deciding on an open door or closed door is moisture management. To achieve a soft and chewy pizza dough, a humid environment is required, which can be done with a closed door. However, opening the door allows for better ventilation and helps release excess moisture, ensuring a crispy crust. Finding the right balance depends on the kind of crust you like is essential.

Putting Pizza in CBO Pizza Oven_Door Open or Closed blog post

Efficient Heat Recovery

Opening the door at the start or mid-way makes the oven lose the temperature generated earlier. This can lead to longer cooking time as well as undercooked pizzas. However, opening the door at a specific time can be helpful such as when aiming for a desired level of browning or when wanting to release excess moisture. Finding a balance and experimenting are crucial to determine the best approach for your specific oven and pizza recipe.   

Therefore, the simple question can never be answered with a simple yes or no. Leaving the pizza oven door open or closing depends upon many factors like temperature control and heat preservation, crust and topping browning, humidity management & efficient heat recovery. However, an experienced cook using a wood-fired pizza oven will tell you that there is also a third option: opening or closing after a certain time. Hence, learning through experience is the best way to gauge if your oven or pizza style demands an open/close door policy or one which is hybrid. Remember that practice and experience will ultimately lead you to the perfect pizza with a perfect crust and carefully selected toppings.


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