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Ice Baths & Hot Tubs

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Bathing has been prescribed as a treatment in one form or another since at least the time of Ancient Greece. Hydrotherapy has been practiced for centuries. Both the use of hot and cold water can have beneficial effects on the body. 

Both water and cold have been used extensively for mental, physical, and spiritual health.

Buying an Ice Bath and immersion in cold water should not be used for therapeutic purposes instead of medical advice and procedures. This is a trend, that goes back through human history, but should not be used instead of professional help and advice!

With the above in mind, it is believed that Coldwater reduces inflammation and pain and stimulates the nervous system helping to improve your mood and alleviate anxiety.

Soaking in a hot tub after a long day can also give similar benefits. One of the most obvious benefits of a hot tub is the potential to help ease the tensions of the day. The soothing effect of the warm water and massaging action may help relieve physical, emotional, and mental stress.

Regular soaking in a hot tub may provide several health benefits, such as muscle relaxation, improved sleep, pain relief and calorie burn. Investing in a good Hot Tub is also a great factor in achieving all the potential benefits.

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 These cold plunges will be available soon!

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  • Kooru Ice Bath with outdoor stool - closeup 2
    Kooru Ice Bath with outdoor stool - closeup
    Kooru Kooru Cold Plunge Tub
    from $7,999.00

    The Cold Plunge Bath by Kooru is a unique kind of Ice Tub. Each and every one of these Cold Plunges is handcrafted using Sustainable And Ethically ...

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    from $7,999.00
  • Dreampod Flex Ice Bath Dimensions in centimeter
    Dreampod Flex Ice Bath
    Dreampod Dreampod Flex Ice Bath

    Introducing the Dreampod Flex Ice Bath - the ultimate tool for accelerating your post-workout recovery. This innovative ice bath combines cutting-e...

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