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Discover the Versatility of Corello Double Axle Pizza Oven Trailers by Californo

The Californo Carrello Pizza Oven Double Axle Trailer stands as a superior choice for mobile catering professionals, seamlessly integrating the exceptional performance of Californo brick pizza ovens with the stability and convenience of a double axle for transport.

This durable oven is presented in two distinct models, each designed to meet diverse catering requirements:

  1. Corello 35: This model comes with a 35-inch cooking surface, making it an excellent option for sizable events and gatherings. It offers enough space to efficiently handle a significant volume of pizzas, ideal for medium to large events.
  2. Corello 42: For those who cater to even larger crowds or have more extensive catering demands, the Corello 42 is the perfect fit. It boasts a 42-inch cooking surface, providing the capacity needed for high-volume pizza production in very large events or busy catering situations.

Additionally, caterers have the option to choose between wood or propane as fuel sources, allowing for flexibility in cooking style and adaptability to various event settings. The double-axle design not only enhances the trailer’s stability during transportation but also ensures safety and ease of maneuvering in various environments.

Like all Californo products, the oven and trailer are 100% made in the USA, ensuring top-notch quality and durability for a reliable, long-term catering solution.

Craft Your Culinary Legacy: The Carrello Oven Trailer - A Testament to Your Commitment to Quality

Experience unparalleled excellence with the Carrello Pizza Oven Trailer, a mobile
masterpiece crafted to the highest standards, mirroring the quality of classic Californo Brick Pizza Ovens. This wood-fired oven stands out for its top-notch build and exceptional design. Every detail reflects a commitment to being the best in the business. These ovens are not just durable; they are built to last a lifetime with zero maintenance required. These Pizza Ovens stand by the
Californo craftsmanship with a 5-year warranty on oven domes and a 1-year
warranty on all other parts. Handcrafted in the USA, each oven masterfully combines the traditional charm of Neapolitan ovens with cutting-edge technology, ensuring you get a product that's not only reliable but also a testament to superior American craftsmanship.

Expand and Personalize Your Pizza Business with the Carrello Oven Trailer - Your Mobile Culinary Canvas

The Carrello Pizza Oven Trailer offers more than mobility; it's a game-changer for your mobile pizza business. This trailer provides you the freedom to expand
your business reach
, letting you serve delicious, artisan pizzas anywhere. Its customizable nature allows you to showcase your unique style, turning the oven into a mobile advertisement for your brand. With the Carrello Pizza Oven Trailer, you're not just investing in a cooking equipment, you're investing in
a platform for culinary creativity and business growth.

Looking for a personal touch? The  Carrello Pizza Oven Trailers are more than just cooking equipment – they're a canvas for your creativity! Whether you're dreaming of specific colors, unique writings, your own logo, or any other special customization, we're here to make it happen. Don't hesitate to contact us with your ideas. Our team is dedicated to bringing your vision to life, ensuring your pizza oven trailer is as unique as your culinary creations. Let's collaborate to craft a trailer that truly reflects your personal style and brand!

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