Clementi Clementino Wood-Burning Pizza Oven By My Backyard Zone


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* Skamotec 225

* Skamotec 225 is a high heat and fire-resistant calcium silicate boardproviding several advantages including high mechanical strength, low thermal conductivity


Get saucy with our sizzling deal!

Order your Clementi Pizza Oven now and receive 14 lbs. of tomato sauce jars for FREE

Making every pizza night a flavor-packed adventure for you and your loved ones. Don't wait, seize the sauce!

Enhance Your Pizza-Crafting Experience With Clementino. Designed For Both Comfort And Resistance.

Immerse yourself with the craftsmanship and reliability of the Clementi Clementino. Crafted with precision from food-grade steel, this oven stands as a testament to unmatched quality, all while maintaining an attractive price.

Driven by the innovative Air Plus system, it ensures consistent airflow and rapid combustion, ensuring not just a perfect pizza but also a variety of delectable dishes cooked to perfection every time.

Enhance your outdoor culinary adventure and savor a slice of Italy right in your backyard. Beyond its function as a mere cooking instrument, the Clementi Clementino embodies elegance and taste. Additionally, with three stylish colors to choose from, it promises to be as visually enchanting as it is practical.

Make a statement, not just in flavor but also in style, with the Clementi Clementino wood-fired oven. Your gourmet journey awaits!

Temperature And Resistance Pro!

Reach 400 C° in 20/25 minutes and start cooking your pizza in a flash! Just light the fire in the center of the oven, wait for the embers to form, and move it to the left side of the oven with the wood brazier.

Pizza Ready In As Fast As 2 Minutes!
No long wait hours for you to enjoy your Pizza! You can have your Pizza in 2 minutes. Just place the dough directly on top of the baking stone. Turn the pizza with the pizza peel during cooking and get ready to enjoy it!

But Wait, Not just Pizza. You can also cook other delectable dishes like bread, roasts and desserts.

Clementino is made with special materials capable of resisting all weather conditions like a pro! Can be both outdoor and indoor -- anything that you prefer!

It has been designed to be easily placed on any surface suitable. The Clementino's support feet made this possible.

Effortless Gourmet Pizzas at Home: Experience the Joy and Ease of the Clementi Oven!

The Clementi Pizza Oven lets you effortlessly entertain your friends and family. Imagine serving perfectly cooked pizzas right in your backyard or kitchen, becoming the center of your gatherings. With this oven, you're not just cooking; you're creating a warm, inviting atmosphere where memories are made. It's about more than just food – it's about bringing people together, sharing laughs, and enjoying the company of loved ones over delicious, homemade pizzas.

Built to withstand various weather conditions, the Clementi Oven is as durable as it is stylish. Its superior insulation maintains consistent heat, ensuring your pizzas come out perfectly every time. Say farewell to the frustration of unevenly cooked food and embrace the joy of flawless, crispy pizzas that will have your guests raving.

Quick and Consistent: The Clementi Oven's Rapid Heat-Up Time

The secret behind the Clementi Pizza Oven's magic? Its rapid heat-up time. In just 20-25 minutes, it's ready to go reaching a blazing 400°C. This speed is a boon for busy lifestyles, allowing you to whip up gourmet-quality pizzas in just 2 minutes. Perfect for those impromptu gatherings or when you want to spend less time cooking and more time
enjoying the moment. The quick and consistent heating means you can confidently prepare multiple pizzas in a flash, ensuring no one has to wait for their sliceof heaven. 🍕✨


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