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Premio Pizza Oven by Pinnacolo

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The Pinnacolo Premio Wood Burning Outdoor Pizza Oven is designed specifically to handle the extreme weather conditions experienced in North America. The materials have been selected to offer many years of uninterrupted performance. Each unit is inspected and must pass stringent quality controls. This is the best pizza oven for parties or even when you just want to satisfy your pizza cravings!


  • Insulated double-wall stainless steel dome – designed to focus the flames and helps retain heat
  • Cordierite pizza stones – thermal shock resistant and retain heat for a crispier crust
  • Stainless steel side shelf – 16” wide shelf makes preparation easier
  • Stainless door visor – keeps the front of your oven cleaner
  • Fixed Thermometer – instant view of the ambient temperature inside your oven
  • Adjustable Chimney Damper – allows you to control the airflow and temperature
  • Combination side handle/store bar – includes holding towel and S hooks to hang accessories
  • Wheeled base with locking casters – lets you move your oven to the best cooking position
  • Large wooden door handle – stays cool and protects hands from high temperatures
  • Complete selection of Tools – Ready for years of great food
  • 1-year Limited Warranty
  • Fuel Type: Wood

When you order the Premio Pizza Oven we will include:

  • 12” Pizza Peel
  •  Cleaning broom with scraper
  • Stainless Pizza Rocker cutter
  • Weatherproof cover 
  • Infrared Thermometer
  • High-Temperature Gloves
  • Stainless Steel fire separator
  • A Bonus PINNACOLO apron


Pinnacolo premio Specifications

Pinnacolo Premio Pizza Oven Manual

Premio Features diagram


Watch Premio Wood Burning Pizza Oven at work here: 

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The Star Of Your Backyard Culinary Experience.

Introducing the Pinnacolo Premio Wood Burning Outdoor Pizza Oven – the pinnacle of culinary excellence for your backyard. Crafted for enthusiasts who crave the authentic taste of wood-fired pizzas, the Premio promises not just a meal, but an experience.

With its sleek, stainless-steel design and high-heat refractory stone floor, this oven reaches the perfect cooking temperature in minutes, delivering pizzas with irresistibly crispy crusts and perfectly melted toppings.

Its spacious interior accommodates large pizzas and versatile cooking, allowing you to roast vegetables, bake bread, or even grill meats. The Premio’s robust construction ensures durability, while its elegant appearance enhances any outdoor space.

Whether you're hosting a garden party or a family dinner, the Pinnacolo Premio turns every gathering into a gourmet event, bringing the flavors of a traditional pizzeria right to your home. Elevate your outdoor cooking with the unmatched quality and performance of the Pinnacolo Premio.

Time-Saving Delights: Quick and Easy Meals with Pinnacolo Pizza Ovens

Over the past decade, Pinnacolo has been at the forefront of transforming backyard cooking.

With the understanding that traditional wood-fired brick ovens require extensive prep time and careful monitoring to prevent cracking, Pinnacolo innovated to introduce a quicker, more efficient solution.

Their high-quality pizza ovens dramatically reduce the prep time, ensuring you can effortlessly enjoy gourmet homemade pizzas, bread, steaks, and desserts, even after the busiest days.

At My Backyard Zone, we specialize in enhancing outdoor living with a selection of premium backyard products, and we are proud to be the authorized dealer for the game-changing Pinnacolo Pizza Ovens. Our offerings are designed for those who appreciate the finer things in life and seek to turn their backyards into a haven of luxury and convenience. Discover how these products can transform your outdoor cooking and entertainment experience.

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