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Clementi Pizza Ovens

Clementi is a leading brand for the production and selling of Italian pizza ovens!

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Here are some of the benefits of choosing a Clementi Pizza Oven:

Imagine bringing the magic of an Italian pizzeria right into your home. With the Clementi Home Pizza Oven, crafted for the discerning pizza aficionado, you can recreate the traditional flavors and aromas of authentic Italian pizza! Crafted for the refined homeowner, this oven transcends being merely a kitchen tool; it's a passage to an age of extraordinary culinary artistry.

This oven, expertly constructed with premium materials, blends sleek elegance with robust practicality, ensuring both safety and style. Whether you choose to install it indoors or outdoors, it serves as a stunning focal point in your home.

The innovative Air Plus System sets the Clementi oven apart. This technology ensures uniform heating across the entire cooking chamber, guaranteeing perfectly cooked pizzas from crust to core. Moreover, the oven retains heat for extended periods, thanks to its substantial insulation made from refractory material and scamotek*. Once it reaches the optimum temperature, it maintains this heat efficiently, even with the oven door open, preventing significant heat loss.

Mobility is another hallmark of the Clementi oven. Mounted on a wheeled trolley, it offers the convenience of being easily movable to suit your entertaining needs.

And the pièce de résistance? Our oven rapidly reaches an impressive 400°C in just 15 to 20 minutes, allowing you to cook a pizza in a mere 2 minutes! This isn't just an oven; it's a culinary revolution in your home, bringing the essence of Italian cooking to your fingertips.

* Scamotek is a calcium silicate material used in conjunction with refractory stone to ensure efficient heat management, contributing to the oven's ability to maintain high temperatures for optimal cooking performance.

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