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How to Free Time with Robots

How to Free Time with Robots

Gone are the days when you had to schedule a day from the week to mow your lawn or clean the pools. With the synergy between science and technology collectively working to make your lifestyle advanced, now meet amazing backyard robots to help you in your chores.

    The Future of Domestic Robots

    The industrial robotic market has been active for quite many years now. Large-scale companies who could afford the presence of robots to untiringly carry out monotonous work helped them cut their employment cost and instead, employ workers in the critical sectors. According to the report issued by the International Federation of Robotics, the currently established market of robots for vacuum and floor-cleaning will observe a significant hike – along with other categories added under the "personal/domestic" domain.

    Let's face it; we all would love to have somebody else do the boring tasks around the house. Cleaning robots have become an essential part of the elite class, and the lawn-mowing robots are actively taking up the place.

    As pointed out by the author of the report and the chairman of IFR, the future of robots for personal use is growing steadily. Consumer behavior states that people are eager for products that are one-step ahead in sophistication and capability. Predictions have also speculated the replacement of nurses by medicare robots in near future.

    So, while we await the launch of a cyborg to act as the butler around the house, we can see how lawn-mowing and pool-cleaning robots are a one-time investment for excellent work.


    How to Free Time with Robots

    Image Source: Pexel

    Pros of Having a Backyard Robot

    Easier said than done, keeping a perfectly trimmed and sheared lawn is quite the challenge. If you are someone who does not like to spend on hired people as lawn caretakers, you may find yourself often occupied with a manual lawn-mower in hand.

    This is because growing grass in any unit of land calls for a lot of time and attention. You have to treat the weeds, remove the moss, and thatches. Aeration, improving the drainage, and grass trimming are other duties that need to be performed to keep the lawn adequately. Let us look at the respective pros of entrusting the lawn-mowing and pool-cleaning duties to this muted automation.

    Robotic Lawn Mowers:

    • To begin with, using robotic lawnmowers allows you to enjoy a lot of free time on weekends. Activating the automation to get on its work, you can flip on your side and bathe in the sun. Or you can laze in the backyard, take a nap, or read a book because these robots are extremely noiseless – which leads us to the second point.

    • Getting one of the noiseless robots mowing the lawn is like a dream come true. A common notion tagged with motors working around the house is a dim buzzing sound. There are plenty of “Robomows” at My Backyard Zone that are so quiet that you would crane your neck to check if the robot is at work or not.


    • These are equipped with multiple feature options, such as the Edge mode, the Smart mode, which makes it take a smooth turn when its senses the edge of the lawn reached; and the TurboMow, which clips higher grasses effectively. This allows users to get their desired results whatsoever within a single robot-investment.


    • The rain sensor within these robotic lawnmowers allows it to stop working when it rains. It creeps to its base station and goes to sleep quietly. On top of that, it automatically resumes working after the rain has stopped. That is pretty much eliminating human interaction to a maximum!


    • Operative by a single "MyRoboMow App" or the "Ambrogio Remote App," you can control your little helper from anywhere inside the house by adding or deleting functions. An Ambrogio Lawnmower, however, takes the ball by coming pre-installed with a Smart Assistant to verbally give or take directions. You can tell it how to mow the lawn a certain day, and ask for reports once it is done!


    • These come with child locks, are battery-operated, extremely fast, and have a separate environmental friendly mode as the add-ons.


    They have been active in our lawns since 2005, and they keep getting better with wonderful features and functions added. For those who can afford it, they are definitely the best one-time investment you can make in your house.

    Summing it up, there are hardly any cons in purchasing a smart little robot for lawn mowing, and that might be their costs. Smart like a human, with an unending amount of energy, and a friendly user-interface, it is immensely pleasurable to watch Lawnmower Robotics take over the tedious job with inbuilt expertise.


    dog with robot on grass

    Image Source: Ambrogio

    Robotic Pool Cleaners:

    • A robotic ally for cleaning up your pool in the backyard is equal to never finding it dirty for as long as it sits inside. The first-most, a self-evident perk is getting rid of the tiresome duty for good.


    • Upgraded robotic pool cleaners are completely wireless such that they do not even require a plug-in charge. Like NEMH2O Deluxe, they can charge via induction independently so on the top of everything else, you can even forgo remembering to charge the automation.


    • In a fashionable design, pool-cleaning robots are expected to live underwater like a marine animal. Driving around, they carry out all cleaning tasks including suction-cleaning, removing debris, and picking up the dirt to be thrown out by the pool's existing filter system. There is literally zero human interaction once you drop them inside the pool.


    • Contrary to the belief, pool-cleaning robots are extremely easy to program and install inside the pools. They have Bluetooth receivers to transmit signals and are also pre-installed with "out-of-water" sensors. The feasibility, therefore, multiples many folds.


    • Importantly, the robots are manufactured to work for all standard pool types, even including vinyl pools with salt-water. Ideally, you may keep the water-length up-to 39 feet.


     relax with robotic pool cleaner

    image Source: Hayward
        A clean and sterile pool is not only good for the image, but it is also essential for good health. Agreeably, cleaning pools are even more taxing than lawn-mowing because it involves draining the entire pool and scrubbing the walls. The chore can easily take up many hours, and tons of energy.

        Pool-cleaning robotics, therefore, is another noteworthy product of engineering that besides eliminating your role, is literally autonomous in its work.


        Free time with home robot

        Image Source: Pexel

        Is Keeping a Robot in Your Home a Good Choice?

        The advent of robotics, AI intelligence, and smart devices began back in the 1970s and has transformed into a much-upgraded technology up-till 2015. There are certain advantages and disadvantages linked to every invention of science and technology. For instance, a robotic workforce in the industries where multiplied the overall production wiped out many mediocre workers along with their livelihoods.

        Similarly, a domestic robot or automation for personal use has extended, as of now, to cleaning, entertainment, and aged care. In rare cases, some households have robots as butlers as well. Amongst the household robotic inventions, the most advantages are linked to the cleaning robots.

        Monotonous tasks like vacuuming, mopping, lawn mowing, or pool and window cleaning add little value to our lives. These activities can only squeeze out our precious energy while remaining as unproductive as a rolling stone.

        We have gyms to work out, and parks to jog if contradicting the opinion of exercising linked with household chores arise. Having known the basics and the tips of cleaning, we can certainly utilize the time spent doing laundry somewhere effective – for instance, reading a book. Unfortunately for us, a folding or ironing robot is not yet engineered.

        However, at the same time, while robots are advantageous to keep the outdoor clean and presentable all the time; they can be slightly disadvantageous if brought indoors. The primary reason linked to this is detrimental social wellbeing. If automation is doing all the minor chores around the house, users will likely have a non-interactive lifestyle soon thereafter.

        There is a psychological correlation between having too much free time with overall life satisfaction. According to a research paper released, a definitive conclusion was missing into this insight, but there was a close relationship between the "amount" of leisure time and people's happiness.

        free time with robots

        Image by Peter Conlan on Unsplash

        Ideally, human beings like to be occupied with work – not too much to generate stress, nevertheless. A lot of free time in hands produces adverse psychological effects, one of which includes a derogatory self-image. For some, doing the laundry or cleaning around the house helps them take the mind off stress and puts them at peace.

        So while you can buy outdoor robots to shear the grass and mop the pool-walls, you may have to think twice before getting one for your indoor use.




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