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Californo Pizzza Oven Trailer

The Premier Choice in Authentic, Elegant Wood-Fired Ovens

 Here are some of the benefits of choosing a Californo Pizza Oven:

Californo Pizza Ovens – a perfect blend of authentic cooking, exceptional outdoor entertainment, and stunning aesthetic appeal, all designed to transform culinary experiences for discerning homeowners.

Redefining Authentic Cooking

Bid farewell to the frustration of inferior cooking methods. Californo’s pizza ovens are not just dome-shaped in name; they embody the perfect half-sphere design, essential for optimal heat distribution. This design isn’t just about baking pizza; it’s about delivering an authentic, wood-fired cooking experience that ensures culinary satisfaction with every meal. 

Proudly American with a Personal Touch

Since 2005, Californo has been a beacon of American craftsmanship, supporting local workers and staying true to its founding principles. As the original creators, they stand apart in a market of imported and frequently changing brands, offering the world's number one true dome oven. Rooted in design, Californo thrives on custom requests, turning individual visions into reality.

Durability That Complements Your Lifestyle

Every Californo Pizza Oven is a testament to enduring quality and effortless maintenance, reflecting your desire for long-lasting and hassle-free outdoor cooking solutions. The generous warranties on their oven domes and parts underscore Californo's commitment to reliability and peace of mind.

Aesthetic Harmony in Your Outdoor Space

Californo's range of unique finishes and designs goes beyond functionality, offering you a chance to express your style and elevate your outdoor aesthetics. These ovens are designed not just as cooking devices but as elegant centerpieces, seamlessly integrating into and enhancing the beauty of any outdoor living area.


Enhancing Your Outdoor Experience

Envision the pride and joy you will feel when entertaining with a Californo Pizza Oven. Here, the joy of cooking and outdoor enjoyment merge, creating memorable gatherings marked by the unique wood-fired flavor that defines a Californo Pizza Oven. It’s not just about the food; it's about the experiences and connections fostered around the warmth of a Californo oven.

Step into a world where your outdoor cooking dreams become reality with Californo, where innovation, design, and personal satisfaction create unforgettable culinary experiences.

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