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Wood Fired Pizza Oven or Gas Fired Pizza Oven-Two Pizzas Beer & Wine glass

Wood Fired Pizza Oven or Gas Fired Pizza Oven

Two Pizzas Beer & Wine glass

How should you choose between a Wood Fired Pizza Oven or Gas Fired Pizza Oven?

Some like their pizzas the modern way, but some still want the taste of the vintage pizza made on a wood fire. Therefore, there is always a battle about which pizza is better. The honest answer to this quiz is that it is a matter of personal choice based on the type and taste of the pizza. However, if you are thinking of a pizza oven for your home and are not bent on one kind of pizza taste, you might want to compare a wood-fired pizza oven with a gas-fired pizza oven before jumping ship. We have chalked out a few things to check out before you make the final decision.


The first and foremost thing you should always consider is the taste you want to achieve. If you want a crisp pizza with a smoky flavor and peak authenticity, you should go for a wood-fired pizza oven like the Forno Piombo Forno Casa 110 Pizza Brick Oven. Gas-fired pizza ovens might not produce the smoky flavor, but the likes of Chicago Brick Oven 750 Hybrid Liquid Propane Countertop can create delicious pizzas. You can always get two pizzas of different kinds from the market and compare them for your liking and disliking before making a final choice.


The second check on your list is the temperature control. Wood-fired pizza ovens reach higher temperatures as compared to gas-fired pizza ovens. This essentially allows them to make the pizza crispier and more quickly. However, since the temperature control is not like a knob or button setting, controlling the precise temperature with time takes some experience. Pizzas made in gas-fired ovens like the Alfresco Pizza Oven Plus CounterTop Model may take slightly longer, but they offer convenience and accuracy.


Wood-fired pizza ovens produce an authentic taste, but their inherent structure takes more time to clean and requires regular maintenance. You also need space to keep wood for the oven and cleaning the wood-keeping area and resultant ash. On the other hand, a gas-fired pizza oven like the Alfresco Outdoor Pizza Oven Plus with Cart is easy to maintain and has no additional hassle of storing wood, cleaning ash or keeping the wood storage area dry.


With all said and done, it usually boils down to the cost of purchasing a pizza oven and the accessories it requires to cook delicious pizzas regularly. Wood-fired pizza ovens are generally more expensive due to the extra material needed. However, gas-fired ovens are made for mass usage, making them cheaper in context. Moreover, gas-fired ovens have lower operating and maintenance costs making them a winner when the cost is the factor. Although, price becomes secondary if you like a specific type of pizza, and sometimes, the heart wants what the heart wants.

Final Verdict: A Hybrid Solution

However, even if, after extensive market research, talking to your friends and reading this blog, you are still confused; then you should go for a hybrid solution like the Pinnacolo Ibrido Hybrid Outdoor Pizza Oven. Hybrid ovens offer you the best of both worlds, allowing you to cater to your personal choice and the pizza mongers that hit you up whenever they want to have homemade pizza. You can check all three variants at right away at:

The Wood Fired Pizza Ovens Collection

The Gas-fired Pizza Ovens Collection

The Hybrid pizza ovens Collection

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